Invitation to Campus Chapters Contest 1.0

Hello CodeChef!

I, on behalf of all CodeChef Campus Chapter teams, would like to invite you to take part in our first ever Campus Chapters Contest, which will take place on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 12:00 ISTUTC+5.5. The contest is a 2.5 day long (60 Hrs) contest. The contest will be open to everyone. We’d be offering you 8 partially graded problems with varying difficulties and a challenge problem.

The problems were invented and prepared by me, Shahraaz Hussain, Shrey Kaushik, Aneesh D Hiregange, Divyam Arora, Pushkar Patel, Siddharth, John Zakkam and Mayuresh Patle and tested by Darshan Lokhande, Smit Mandavia, Raksha Jain, Taranpreet Singh, Jaymeet Mehta, Mann Mehta, Sumanth Nidamanuri, Himanshu, Souvik Mondal, Manas Khosla, Himani Popli and Rahul Sawantdesai

Huge thanks to entire CodeChef Team for their invaluable help and their great platform.

Hoping you’d a great time solving the problems while in quarantine.


This will be a Long Challenge format contest?


Is it rated?

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I don’t think so! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it to select new codechef campus representatives? or just a contest

Yup, Long Challenge Format

No, it’s unrated

It is a CodeChef Campus Chapter initiative, wherein Campus Chapters from several institutes all over the country came together and decided to serve you some appetizing problems amidst all this chaos of CoronaVirus


So shall we expect more of this kind even after corona chaos gets over ?


Yes surely, the contest is solely an initiative of Campus chapters with equal support from codechef and has no correlation with Corona. We will make sure you are served delicious problems even after Corona situation is taken care of.

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It would be great if this will be rated :slight_smile:

We will try for a rated contest next time if possible

Will laddus be given to top participant of the Campus whose Campus Chapter is set up?
If yes, what are the other necessary conditions for it?

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yes please

Yes, all the active codechef campus chapters are entitled for it. Details are already shared with the representatives along with the process for it. In order to avail it for top performer, the number of participants should meet >=50 from campus, along with the fact that top performer should have atleast 3 AC’s.


What will the winners get? Ladoos or anything else?
Please mention the criteria also like above which rank.

250 Codechef Laddus to Global Top 3.

Nice Contest but Can anyone tell why I was getting wrong answer in just 2 cases with this submission for ARTPNT (Save Us problem)

Submission Link:-SOlution
@shahraaz help please?

Can you paste your code here it’s not accessible as of now ?