Invitation to Club Of Programmers IIT (BHU) YouTube channel

Hello everyone,
The Club of Programmers, IIT BHU is excited to announce the launch of COPS YouTube channel.

This channel will largely focus on being a helping hand to all our fellow mates who are eagerly working in the field of Competitive Programming, Machine Learning, and Development.

The highlight of the channel will be meticulously crafted editorials and tutorials for some must-know Competitive Programming, Machine learning and Web Development topics. Additionally, we will also pour out content for beginners to enable them kickstart their journey in the CS fields above.

So, for everyone looking for a place to get their share of fun while coding, check out our YouTube channel for more! It will contain all resources needed for our community with lots of learning waiting for you!

YouTube Channel link:


It’s really a Great Platform to Learn from all the Great Coders at the same time. Blessed to have People like the_nightmare, etc. at same platform. Hope The Channel Reaches millions and ignites lots of minds.

All the Best and Thank You for this Gift for Christmas Ahead !!


Please provide any feedback on the video editorials provided.

You guys can also suggest topics which you want to learn , we will try our best to make those topics available to you :smile: .


Along with discussing the concept, we have tried to provide the complete roadmap on how to approach the problems of given topic, what are the useful resources and some practice problems, so any suggestion is most welcome.