Invitation to CODE SHOWDOWN 1.0

Aloha Coding Community!

Hoping you’re fine with the current pandemic situation, we invite you to participate in CODE SHOWDOWN 1.0 organised by CodeChef KIIT College Chapter in collaboration with CodeWithGeeks and platform partner CodeChef, this Thursday, 20th January.

Time: 08:00 PM — 10:00 PM IST.


The contest features problems ranging from number four to six with varying difficulty within the span of two hours based on algorithms, data structures and problem solving.

There is a prize pool for the participants sponsored by CodeWithGeeks as follows who secure:

• Global Rank 1 — INR 1000

• Global Rank 2 — INR 500

• Global Rank 3 — INR 250

• Global Rank 4 to 10 — Certificates.

Registration :

Register yourself with the link above to become eligible for prizes. We await for you.

Immense appreciation to anubhabishere for problem setting and curation, CodeWithGeeks for sponsoring the event and entire CodeChef team for their inestimable help in organizing the contest.

Happy Coding! Happy Growing!

Cause growing never stops!