Invitation to Code Uncode 4.0

Greetings Codechef community!

DJ Codestars, the official coding club of DJ Sanghvi is organizing an IOI style based contest Code Uncode 4.0 on Codechef . The contest will be held on 11th March from 15:00 IST to 18:00 IST.

There will be 7 problems of varying difficulties to be solved in 3 hours.
All problems will have sub-tasks.

Problem setters: @scyther67 @samhat7

Prizes for top performers:

  • Total cash prizes of INR 10k

  • Codechef Laddus

  • Goodies and much more!

To be eligible for cash prizes and goodies, register here free of cost.

Contest link: Contest Page | CodeChef
Date: 11th March, 2021
Duration: 3 hours from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we had making these problems! Good luck.
Happy Coding :partying_face:



So brute force or naive solutions will get partial scores right?

I think the subtasks will be designed that way…

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Yes they will be designed in that way, if your code is correct but TLEs for large inputs, you should still get a partial score.

Will editorials be posted for the contest after it ends?

Yes editorials will be uploaded within 24-48 hours of the contest ending, unless some technical issues are faced by the team

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Can We Submit (Practice ) the question we can’t once the contest ends?

Yes the contest is open and should be available for practice even after the time ends.

Reminder: Contest starts in less than 30 minutes

Code Uncode 4.0 has come to an end. We thank you for participating. We’ll be posting editorials soon. In the meantime, feel free to use this thread to discuss the problems and your solutions.

How to Solve CU4ROOM? I tried to solve it using Binary Search but my solution didn’t pass it. Can anyone help me out there?

@dhairyaveera79 please move the problems to practice section…

move the problems to practice section , it’s one day to ended the contest

It can be solved using simple greedy approach with 2 pointer technique. Assign the smallest possible room to the person who requires the the least size room.
you may refer this CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone


The leaderboard is yet not updated. My score should be 700, and my rank should also be updated to 1 accordingly, but it’s not yet resolved. Please do something about it. @dedsec_29 , @scyther67 , @samhat7 , @admin

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Hi @vkkr125 @yatin_yk08 as organisers we are unable to find any option to move them to practice section. We have requested assistance regarding the same from codechef.

@jaydeep999997 yes we have also mentioned your issue to codechef, we hope both these things can be resolved soon.

wah bhaiya aap to god ho

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@admin @dhairyaveera79 @dedsec_29
are these problems going to be available for practice or not?

@admin please move the problems to practice section , it has been 4 days to ended the contest but still submit button is not available please look to this we are waiting since when contest ended on 11 march please move problems to practice section

We have been mailing Codechef to shift these problems to practice as soon as possible but we haven’t been getting any response, apologies for the same.

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