Invitation to CodeChef April Long Challenge 2020

Greetings CodeChef community!

Hope you are doing well, practicing social distancing and are continuing to learn during this time.

The April Long Challenge is here! And that means 10 days of intense non-stop coding where you can learn while competing in a contest.

The contest will be live from 3rd April till 13th April. So code, learn and don’t forget to become a part of this exceptional race to the top of the leaderboard.

The problem statements will be available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

Also if you have some original and engaging problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in the CodeChef’s contests, you can share them here.

Code against Programmers from all over the globe in this thrilling contest! Accompanying me on the problem setting panel are:

I hope you will enjoy solving them. Please give your feedback on the problem set in the comments below, after the contest.

Contest Details:

Time: 3rd April 2020 (1500 hrs) to 13th April 2020 (1500 hrs). (Indian Standard Time — +5:30 GMT) — Check your timezone.

Contest link:

Registration: You just need to have a CodeChef handle to participate. For all those who are interested and do not have a CodeChef handle, are requested to register in order to participate.

Prizes: Top 20 performers in the Indian category and top 10 performers in the Global category will get CodeChef laddus, with which the winners can claim cool CodeChef goodies. First to solve each problem except challenge - 100 laddus. Know more here:

Good Luck! Hope to see you participating! Happy Programming!


Hope the contest will be the same level as that of March(though i didn’t solve much), those were interesting and toughness was not in the usual conventional way. Anyway good luck to everyone! Learn and dont worry about ratings!


I hope apunkarta will top the leaderboard…and we hope we will be able to give some tough to him…

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looking to solve a lots of problems.

eagerly waiting for this long challenge!!


So, glad to have you sir @euler_euler.

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Hi There!
I am new in competitive programming. Should i participate in this competition? To be frank
I never participate in such kinda programming competition.Seeking experts suggestion.

Yes, you should obviously try to give this challenge.

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This Long Challenge is Math Long Challenge :slightly_smiling_face:


i’m sure he will

They have said at-least one of the P[i] will be equal to 1. in this case P[1] is 1. I suggest you to read the question again, its absolutely correct.

there’s no challenge problem?

Edited: sorry, I just read that 2 more problems will be added

When will it be added ?

But in constraints it is given
for every i

Why has this not been removed> ? I feel this question should be removed now.

This question is not being removed because Code Chef doesn’t own Stack Overflow and as you can see the post is already upvoted means it satisfied there rules and regulations of posting the question which doesn’t include Please don’t post the problem from ongoing contest. So, you get the idea why it not been removed. The best you can do is find out the code Chef user name associated with the user and tell Admin about it.

You shouldn’t have posted it here in the public forum if possible remove it and tell @vijju123 , @alex_2oo8 about it one to one communication.

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ok, thanks

I was granted score 100 for the Challenge problem after getting AC, and I can see I’ve scored 0pts for it now, and 100 is deducted from my total score, was my solution rejudged ??

As better solutions are submitted, your score keeps getting updated. This is to give people a chance to optimize.

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Exactly, 0<=P[i] it means every P[i] will be greater than or equal to 0. Understand the basic maths. The question is absolutely correct.