Invitation to CodeChef February Cook-Off (Rated for all) - 21st February

We invite you to participate in CodeChef’s February Cook-Off, this Monday, 21st February, rated for all.

Time: 8 PM - 10:30 PM IST

Joining us on the problem setting panel are:

The video editorials of the problems will be available on our YouTube channel as soon as the contest ends. Subscribe to get notifications about our new editorials.

Also, if you have some original and engaging problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in CodeChef’s contests, you can share them here.

Hope to see you participating.
Good Luck!


What will be the prize structure? Will first-timers in top200 still get 750rs?

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Was this contest unrated ?


Yeah same question…

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I don’t see any change in my rating so confused if it was rated or not


Yeah my rating also remain unchanged

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why doesn’t my rating change?

Are they doing this? :crazy_face:

I don’t think so. They would be deliberating about if it should be rated due to issues related to PREFPERM.

PREFPERM wasn’t even present in Div 1. So I don’t see a reason why it should be unrated for Div 1. @admin Can you please update Div1 ratings at least? Once a decision is reached you can update/not update rating of other divisions based on it.



Thank you for clarifying this. I was constantly checking my ratings all day.

So many constructive problems. Can we call it a perfectly imbalanced round?

The ratings have been updated for all. For users who were affected by the issue in PREFPERM, and who would have had their ratings decrease, we have made the contest unrated for them (ie. +0 rating change). There were 286 such users across all divisions.