Invitation to CodeChef February Lunchtime 2020

Thank you for pointing it out! It has been fixed!

Huh? Did you even read what I mentioned? All I stated was that the issue has been resolved and you try justifying it by stating someone submitted an AC code when the issue persisted. What does “resolved” mean then?

Yes, it was a manual error from our end which was fixed in a while. Apologies for the issue.

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Will convey to devs.

What about my question above?
@admin @vijju123

You can read about it here: How do I win a CodeChef Goodie? - #2 by admin

Yes, they are applicable to Lunchtimes as well. And it’s for all the participants, not just for school students.

I read this topic. But I didn’t found there explicit answer to my question, so I decided to ask it here.

Nice, thank you for the reply.

i couldn’t solve a single one :joy:

That was umm… humbling to say the least.

lol i was able to see the first question due to the bug… modified it…and AC, thanks for the epic bug !


This contest should be unrated because someone saw solution due to “view-solution” option and shared it with many people on Watsapp :sleepy:

Yeah i am in the group too, i submitted in java from my real id, took me around 20 min to write code from scratch

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Whattt??? :man_facepalming:t2: For real?:man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


Actually, it doesn’t really matter much, does it? When MOSS is run, the solutions submitted later than the other similar solution will only be plagiarized (hopefully, idk for sure). Also, it was the easiest problem in the set, so I don’t get why people would try cheating even in that, esp since the constraints allowed an O(N^2) solution to pass.


Can it create issue like plagiarism or cheating cases ?
Someone might have read the solution but not submitted it intentionally. Instead just checked the logic and submitted later on ?

Is it true? shit! So, i think some guys cheated.

:expressionless: What I meant was that since the solutions were briefly visible, all those who copied from AC submissions were at fault, not the ones who originally solved. At least understand the situation before speaking so that you might save me (and yourself) from a whole load of arguments.

And, explaining why the problem should be removed too makes no sense, for the fact that it was barely 5 min for which the submissions were open and even if anyone copied others submissions for that problem, it wouldn’t really make sense as it was the easiest problem in the set.
This doesn’t imply the problem could be solved by all. But it does imply that of the vast majority of the people who solved it, hardly a few hundreds might have copied the solution.

There were a few submissions when the bug was fixed, but not many tbh.

To be honest. I had the AC solution within 5 minutes, but did not submit it, because of this bug.

I don’t agree.

But who submitted it by their own, what will they do? I didn’t know about it and someone who did solve the first problem by their own, what will they do? It is not a coincidence to have almost same answer of those who cheated and those who did it purely, because it is a simple question. so, how MOSS can understand who is cheated?