Invitation to CodeChef July CookOff 2021 (with prizes!)

We invite you to participate in CodeChef’s July Cookoff, today — 28th July, from 8:00 PM — 10:30 PM IST. Note the unusual time.

There will be 7 problems in all divisions.

The contest will be rated for all three Divisions. The July Cook-Off also marks the launch of our new prize structure for global & Indian participants. More details are given below.

Joining us on the problem setting panel are:

Problem Submission:
If you have original problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in CodeChef’s contests, you can share them here.


Global Rank List:

  • Top 10 global Division One users will get $100 each.
  • Non-Indians will receive the prize via money transfer to their account.
  • Indian users will receive Amazon vouchers for the amount converted in INR.

Indian Rank List:

  • Top ten Indian Division One coders will get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 3750 each.
  • The rest in the top 100 will get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 1500 each.
  • First-time winners in Div 2 who make it to the top 200 for the first time will get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 750 each.
  • First-time winners in Div 3 players who make it to the top 200 for the first time will get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 750 each.

The video editorials of the problems will be available on our YouTube channel as soon as the contest ends. Subscribe to get notifications about our new editorials.

Good luck and have fun!


Finally a rated Contest After a month.


i am not able to push my rating and I know all the concepts but then also I am not able to solve more than two problem please help me how to do that

After 1.5 months to be precise T_T
I hope to become 4* after this cookoff…

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@admin , there is an internal error happening, kindly check

i received 3 types of verdict for the same code, i hope you look into it

@admin getting internal error

Apologies for the IE issue. Things got a bit messed up when we tried to fix a small issue, and we ended with a non-trivial issue for around 10 minutes. All those affected submissions have now been rejudged.


What is meant by “First-time winners in Div 2 who make it to the top 200 for the first time” ? First time form starting or first time starting today from today ? Say, if I had my previous best rank of 50 (in div 2), and today again I got rank of 50, will I be eligible for prize or not?

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bhai amazon voucher kab milega main top200 me aya div 3
wait ni hora


+0 rating change from 1836 on div2 rank 974. :confused:

@admin I was just curious about how can two people with the same initial rating and same performance have such a huge difference in rating changes.
teja had an initial rating of 2435 and got 8th rank in the cookoff but received a delta of +5 only. However peti1234 had the same initial rating of 2435 and got 9th rank but he got a rating change of +139, is it a bug or this is how rating calculation works?

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May be no of contest matters

Teja cook off global rank is better than peti1234. So, imo he received less delta

Yeah maybe it’s the case but +5 and +140 was a huge difference that’s why it seemed a bit odd to me.

It’s to do with the fact that teja has been a lot more consistent, and hence would have lower volatility. You can read about the volatility parameter here.


When and How do we get the prizes? @admin


I was rank 25 in Codechef starters in div3 once, and now I got a rank of 173 in cook-off in div 2, am I eligible for prizes? If yes, how and when do I get them?

The ‘first time’ criteria is based only on contests in which these prizes are offered. So even if a user had come in the Top 200 before the prizes were instated, they can still win the prize now.

The prizes will take around 4 weeks to be distributed after plagiarism checks.


Will plag check be done for previous contests also ?


Does this apply for Div 2 contestants as well?

Priority is first given to checking the prize winners.