Invitation to CodeChef July Long Challenge 2018!

“Top 10 performers get laddus”. Did Codechef update their rules? I hope it’s just a typo :confused:

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yeah I also think so because contest page shows different prizes according to division…

PS: I commented on question 17 hours ago but haven’t got a reply still…
Many other people also commented about it…

also maybe I think @mention is not working in comments on problem page…

Do the magnitudes need to be integers in this problem, or they can be any real numbers. (According to the question it seems that they can be any real values but I doubt that.)

I am not having any faith in codechef anymore. Like no reply in 48 hours? No explanation of sample test case…And forget that even @admin is not worried to look at the announcement post once in a day.
Seriously why??


Please share Screenshot.

explaining or disclosing P Q will be a spoiler maybe… and hence codechef is not replying… though I feel they should reply that “we can’t do that now” …

We(teja349 and me) decided to don’t add explanation for this problem, I’ll explain why after the contest. Anyways, we added P and Q now.


@pshishod2645 sorry for the delay, I’m a bit busy with my university. Yes, magnitudes can be any real numbers(it’s written in the statement)

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Thanks @mgch atleast you replied with “You can’t provide explanation, as it may be a spoiler”,. Btw I myself found the value of P and Q by just running a loop of i, and j and checking i/j mod (10^9 + 7), :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe I remember your name… “code_man” XD
reminds me of MMASS question we discussed…
I remember due to username :slight_smile: and our long discussions…

C++ use the fflush(stdout) function

Java — call System.out.flush()

Python — sys.stdout.flush()

Pascal — flush(output)


@vijju123 @mgch I strongly feel problem statement of MGCSET has been altered in past 2 days. And why is no announcement made after this change?

Haahaa hu pan nai bhulu MMASS and ur help for that:)

Hey how u know Gujarati bro ??

bound by rules of codechef :frowning:

ha ha i dont want answer , i just want some one to explain me question a little more , i am little dumb so it will be a fovour

Ala bhai hu gujrati chu …:)_/_

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Full explanation will be spoiler to the solution :frowning: