Invitation to CodeChef July Long Challenge 2018!

Hello CodeChef Community!
We’re excited to invite you for the July Long Challenge 2018 sponsored by ShareChat. Join us for ten intense days of coding challenges! Joining me on the problem setting panel are:

I hope you will enjoy solving them. Please give your feedback on the problem set in the comments below, after the contest.

Contest Details:

Time: 6th July 2018 (1500 hrs) to 16th July 2018 (1500 hrs). (Indian Standard Time — +5:30 GMT) — Check your timezone.

Contest link:

Registration: You just need to have a CodeChef handle to participate. For all those, who are interested and do not have a CodeChef handle, are requested to register in order to participate.

Prizes: Top 10 performers in Global and Indian category will get CodeChef laddus, with which the winners can claim cool CodeChef goodies. Know more here: How do I win a CodeChef Goodie? - faq - CodeChef Discuss.
(For those who have not yet got their previous winning, please send an email to

Good Luck!
Hope to see you participating!!

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How many problems?

Can someone from Problem setting panel explain the sample test case of Reach Equilibrium as it seems a little unclear…
Please provide P and Q instead of the final answer for better understanding if possible…


Can someone tell about notification “You are not allowed to check this content.” in July long 2018 contest…

Commented on Magic Set problem but no reply in 10 hours.

Commented on Magic Set problem no reply from day contest started plz setter look to it.

I commented on the Magic Set problem but still no reply.

Commented on Gears but I am not getting any reply. I am waiting for more than two days.

Can anyone tell me how to flush the output after every line in Chef and war question.

What I have been using is cout.flush() but it doesn’t seen to work.

@mgch the sequences d’s in Pizza delivery is constrained to be already sorted or theey can be in any arbitrary order.

Magic set problem needs to be more detailed, I would appreciate if someone can help me with problem .

@admin : Couldn’t understand sample test for Reach Equilibrium.Please provide some explanation!!

@admin: In the problem Reach Equilibrium, magnitudes of the vectors can be any positive real number including zero.(please confirm this)

My first challenge here and NMNMX already became my most hated problem ever. First day I quickly tried brute force on it and got 20 points. Last 5 days have been working on it day and night and improved a lot but still getting 20 points. Is it possible to solve that problem with Python (in normal ways, I got a way to solve it but it’s kinda cheating :P)?


so regarding the MAGIC_SET problem, does the order matter.

because for {1 2 1}, both {1 2} and {2 1} are sub-sequences but the elements are same. So is the order meant to be maintained?

When will editorials be posted? Can someone please explain their approach for Gears !!

Editorial links for PDELIV and SUBWAY july18 are not working.

It’s been two days since contest ended and we still don’t have editorials for all problems…please add them

hoping my name in list of authors someday :frowning:
Haven’t got reply on my request of joining problem setting (before one month)…

“Top 10 performers get laddus”. Did Codechef update their rules? I hope it’s just a typo :confused:

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