Invitation to CodeChef July Lunchtime 2021 - Saturday, 31st July, 6 PM IST

We invite you to participate in CodeChef’s July Lunchtime, this Saturday, 31st July.

Time: 6 PM - 9 PM IST.

The contest will be rated for all three Divisions. We also have a new prize structure for global & Indian participants. More details are given below.

Joining me on the problem setting panel are:

  • Setters:

Souradeep souradeep_adm Paul,

Soumyadeep soumyadeep_21 Pal,

Piyush present_sir Mittal, Vansh vanshkaul Kaul, Ayush ayush_dragneel Singh, Tianyi ratingoverflow, Rahim nots0fast Mammadli, Prasant prasant21 Kumar


Global Rank List:

  • Top 10 global Division One users will get $100 each.
  • Non-Indians will receive the prize via money transfer to their account.
  • Indian users will receive Amazon vouchers for the amount converted in INR.

Indian Rank List:

  • Top ten Indian Division One coders to get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 3750 each.
  • The rest in the top 100 get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 1500 each.
  • First-time winners in Div 2 who make it to the top 200 for the first time get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 750 each.
  • First-time winners in Div 3 players who make it to the top 200 for the first time get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs. 750 each.

However, everything else about our previous Laddu system for Lunchtime will continue without any change. To call out specifically, the top 10 school students in Div 1 of Lunchtime will continue to get Laddus as well as the cash/Amazon vouchers as per the new system.

The video editorials of the problems will be available on our YouTube channel as soon as the contest ends. Subscribe to get notifications about our new editorials.

If you have some original and engaging problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in CodeChef’s contests, you can share them here.

Hope to see you participating.

Good Luck!


Would’ve been better to keep it at 9 PM IST to avoid collision with Atcoder ABC and Amritapuri ICPC round while sacrificing topcoder collision, because who even participates in topcoder.


Hi Radoslav! So, how many problems for each division? (I may decide to participate or not depending on the number. I don’t like 5 problems round).

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Hoping for a balanced round of problems, like previous Lunchtime had.

I strongly agree . What was the need for changing the time ? Usual time would have been much better . I want to participate but I don’t want to miss other rounds also , so I have to miss this .

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I agree with this too , also atcoder beginner contest is there.

haha, atcoder beginner contest = ABC

With a good number of div1 guys going for ABC or amritapuri round, we peasants got a higher chance to win more monee


true, you’d also become 6 star today :orz:

It’s sad that because of new prizes some Div 1 coders are making Alts and scoring in Div 2. Just see the top 3 players in Div 2 ranking. All of them have joined Codechef recently. I am not accusing them of anything but I would like to point out that it seems sketchy that someone joins codechef, shows up in a contest and solve (almost)all the problems.


why is it sad?
Prizes are bringing more experienced Competitive Programmers to codechef?
Isn’t that exactly what codechef was aiming for?
ofc they are gonna start with 2star, can’t do anything about that
Also since prizes in div2 and 3 are only 1 time, alting is not that big of a problem.

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" Also since prizes in div2 and 3 are only 1 time, alting is not that big of a problem." You’re assuming they’re not gonna make a new alt over and over.

yes not worth it, instead just give div1 with different alts => more money


hi im new here i gave this contest and got a rank but when i check my profile it till shows me
no contest and my rank is also NA
pls help

It takes a few hours before updating the ratings.

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@admin since there were not even 100 Indians who were able to solve a single problem in Div-1 today, does it imply that every Indian Div-1 participant will get the prizes?

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yes right


Did anyone get the vouchers yet? I came in top 200 for the first time after this prize distribution began for top 200 am I eligible for the prize?