Invitation to CodeChef September Cook-Off 2020

We invite you to participate in CodeChef’s September Cook-Off, this Sunday, 20th September, from 9:30 PM to 12:00 AM IST.

2.5 hours, 5 problems.

Also, if you have some original and engaging problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in CodeChef’s contests, you can share them here.

Joining us on the problem setting panel are:


The top 10 Indian and top 10 Global participants will receive CodeChef laddus, with which the winners can claim cool CodeChef goodies. Know more here.

Good luck and have fun!


This link is not working.

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Why so unbalanced problemset ?

If you are talking about division 1
It wasn’t unbalanced at all
Number of submissions in the very next problem is one-third of the previous problem
300 115 30 10 3

How is it unbalanced??

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