Invitation to CodeChef SnackDown 2021 Round 1A

The Qualifiers for SnackDown 2021 have ended. If you have solved one problem successfully you know you have qualified. In any case, you can check your email to know your official verdict from us. The participants who’ve cleared the Qualifiers can now proceed to Round 1A of the Championship that starts TODAY (21st to 23rd October)!

Some important points: Participants who finish with a rank of <= 1500 in Round 1A will qualify for the next round of Pre-Elimination. If there are a lot of ties, more than 1500 can qualify from 1A. The contestants of Round 1A who could not move to the Pre-Elimination round will be then invited and registered for Round 1B (29th to 31st October).

Participants who finish with a rank of <= 1500 in Round 1B will qualify for the Pre-Elimination round.

At each stage of the contest, we will update you via emails to your registered email id. You can also reach us at or All the best!


The qualification criteria for Round 1A has been loosened from “Participants with rank <= 1500” to “Participants who have solved at least 4 problems”.

So all participants who have solved >= 4 problems are tentatively qualified for the Pre-Elimination round (pending plagiarism checks), and others can participate in Round 1B.

The ranklist will be finalized after plagiarism checks.