Invitation to CodeChef Starters 86 (Rated for all) - 19th April

We invite you to participate in CodeChef’s Starters 86, this Wednesday, 19th April, rated for all.

Time: 8:00 PM — 10:00 PM IST

Note that the duration is 2 hours. Read about the recent CodeChef changes here.

Joining us on the problem setting panel are:

Written editorials will be available for all on Pro users can find the editorials directly on the problem pages after the contest.

The video editorials of the problems will be available for all users for 1 day as soon as the contest ends, after which they will be available only to Pro users.

Also, if you have some original and engaging problem ideas, and you’re interested in them being used in CodeChef’s contests, you can share them here.

Hope to see you participating.
Good Luck!


Hi @admin
Is it possible to give one toggle button to hide this sidebar? There exists a minority of people who do not want to see the expected rating and rank during the contest.

Also, is it possible to add support for “Complete problemset” and “Complete problemset (Rated)”. Ref - Problems - Codeforces

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The issue is that the minimize button resets to the default maximized setting when the page is refreshed, right? Would making that setting sticky solve your concern?

Complete problemset is a bit tricky for us. We’ll check.

Yes, making it sticky will solve the concern. Since we are at it, is it also possible to have to minimize the button for “Contest Ranks”. the one just above it.

This might be a bit excessive

Is it also possible to have something to hide no of AC? Problems are still sorted according to the no of ACs.

Basically, until I’m done with the contest, I do not prefer looking at my current rank, my expected delta, and no of the ACs the problems I’m trying to solve has. I prefer one page where I can just scroll up/down to see all problems.

Atcoder, and Codeforces have very easy solutions for these.

  • They both offer a complete problemset page.
  • Atcoder does not show no of ACs on the contest page, and I never refresh the contest page on codeforces. Also, codeforces has a site with minimum details (
  • Problems are sorted with respect to difficulty.
  • I just disable rating predictor extensions, and do not open ranklist page until I feel I’m done with the contest.

Why can you just not open all the problems at the beginning of the contest on different tabs, and never look at the main contest page again? Doesn’t that solve literally all these inconveniences for you? The only downside I can think of is Announcements. For this, we’ll make sure to add all announcements to the parent page (eg. as well, so you can just see that.