Invitation to CodeCracker 2018!

Hello Codechef Community,

GNU/Linux Users’ Group, NIT Durgapur invites you to participate in the 3rd edition of CodeCracker, the coding competition of our annual Tech Fest, Aavishkar 2.0

The contest will be held on our very own online judge - CodeCracker, which is completely open source and build on Ruby on Rails. We have tried our level best to correct the minute problems which occurred in last years contest, and also expect your support to correct any further issues, if any.

The contest will be an ACM style contest and will consist of 5 problems.

Prizes: The total cash prize of the contest is Rs. 12000 (INR) and will be distributed among the top contestants (Global).
In order to be eligible for prizes you need to register here.

The site is live, so you may register and do any testing with our test contest - CodeCracker Test. Comment here if you found any bug, have queries or have suggestions for improvement.

Good Luck, See you on the leader board. :slight_smile:


Add a link to whereever it’s code is available.

Any way to recover the password? I had participated last year, and now I am trying to recover the password, but it says email not found, while I’m sure that I’m using the same email account.

Are Non-Indian participants eligible for prizes ?

My Ruby codes are getting RTE for some reason. Can you please post a sample code in Ruby?

when I was just giving test contest
it is showing on submitting code for this problem :

The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.


For Java, both the test problems submissions are showing exceptionally large running time as compared to c++. I have used standard sort function in first, so, the time difference from c++ submissions, though understandable, ought not to be this huge.

Please make sure java users are not compromised due to this.


Did they seriously gave prizes worth 12000 for these two questions?

All previous accounts have been cleared. You need to register again. :slight_smile:

Oh. Alright :slight_smile:

Yes!!! :slight_smile:

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There is some issue with Ruby. It’ll be fixed soon!

Contest Link has been updated!

I think u saw the test page. The main contest had 5 questions