Invitation to CodeCracker 2020!

Hello Codechef Community,

Team Aavishkar, NIT Durgapur invites you to participate in the 4th edition of CodeCracker , the coding competition of our annual Tech Fest, Aarohan '20


The contest will be an ACM style contest and will consist of 6 problems.

Prizes : Prizes worth Rs. 10,000 will be distributed among the top contestants (Global).
In order to be eligible for prizes you need to register here.

The contest will be held on our very own online judge - CodeCracker , which is completely open source and build on Ruby on Rails. Many of the existing issues have been solved and we expect your support to correct any further issues, if any.

The site is live, so you may register and do any testing with our test contest - CodeCracker Test. Comment here if you found any bug, have queries or have suggestions for improvement.

Good Luck, See you on the leader board. :slight_smile:


Thanks for organizing the CodeCracker 2020. Just wanted to ask that when will this contest be added in the “Compete” section as there is still no update about it.

bro login ni ho paaraha tumhara code fat gaya

TEST2 problem statement is not clear.

Statement have been updated.

can you provide explanation for test case:
11 11 11
22 22 33

The website has got some issue.
Without logging in, clicking on “All submission” gives terminal errors.

We will work on that. Thanks

My Java submissions are receiving RE. May I know why?

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I believe that it would be better if you guys conduct this exam on codechef itself. There are going to be a lot of people who will be giving the exam. If there is any site crash during the exam, it might be annoying


Cannot register on the site. Is there any maintainence going on?

Can I have your code which is getting RE?

Please register using e-mail logging

We have tried to remove most of the bugs this time. And we will ensure that the contest runs smoothly.

Two friends need 11 rupees and one need 22 rupees. So if we have coin of 1 rupees then we will need 33 coins.
Here the optimal value is 11. As we can have 3 coins of 11 rupees to complete this task.

Please login using email.

The contest will be hosted on CodeCracker. You can visit it for contest details.

can anyone explain me TEST1? like im completely blank

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I am sorry. It’s working fine. I had a silly mistake in my new template.

Is problem available for practice…
And what about editorials…