Invitation to CodeCracker 2k18

Hi :smiley:

Today, 17th March at 16:15 UTC(Event Time Announcer - Codecracker 2k18), the 2nd edition of Codecracker 2k18 will be held.

The contest is part of the inaugural tech fest of NIT Durgapur - Aavishkar(

Problem setters -

pandusonu (Vamsi),
ashutosh450 (Ashutosh),
abdullah768 (Abdullah),
nitix (Nitish)

The contest will be of 2 hrs duration, during which you will have to solve 5 problems. The contest will be held on our custom judge:- which is a completely open source judge and build on Ruby on Rails. We have tried our level best to correct the minute problems which occurred in last years contest, and also expect your support as a community to correct any further issues if any.

The site is live, so you may register and do any testing with our test contest. Comment here if you found any bug, have queries or have suggestions for improvement.

The total cash prize of the contest is Rs.25k (~$380) We will also be posting the editorial after the contest.

Good luck :slight_smile: