Invitation to Codelicious'21

Invitation to Codelicious’21

Hello Codechef!

“Craving for tasty algorithmic programming problems?”

With no language barrier, Codelicious’21 is a Competitive Programming event that will be conducted globally. With tasty and tricky questions, Codelicous’21 will surely satiate your hunger for good quality algorithmic programming problems.

I, on behalf of PICT ACM Student Chapter (PASC) would like to invite you all to Codelicious’21.
We have a huge prize pool of 400 USD (30,000 INR) for top 2 Global and top 2 Indian participants.

Contest Details:

Please register via the google form to be eligible for the prizes.

Global Prizes:

  • Rank 1 from leaderboard: 175 USD

  • Rank 2 from leaderboard: 100 USD

Indian Prizes:

  • Rank 1: 6000 INR

  • Rank 2: 4000 INR

Good luck to everyone, hope to see you all on the leaderboard!

Also note:

  • Prizes are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Prizes are subject to change under unavoidable circumstances.
  • Management is not responsible for the change in the pool.
  • Final decision lies in the hands of the organizers.
  • In case any country has any restrictions on prize money transfer we shall not be responsible.

Update: Contest begins in a minute. All the best!


As a tester, I really recommend playing this round!
Tasty problems with amazing prizes!!


All the best to all my fellow participants!


Eagerly waiting for this!
We hope everyone has a good time solving the problems!!


As one of the tester of this contest, I will definitely recommend everyone to play this contest and get ready to solve some really good problems. Good Luck Everyone! See you guys on Leaderboard :slight_smile:


Being one of the problem setters, there are definitely interesting problems and exciting prizes.
All the best.


How to solve Equation

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Really enjoyed solving the questions. I wanted to know whether/when the editorials will be published?


Yes, Please provide the editorials if possible :grinning:

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I am glad you all enjoyed the contest!
We will provide the editorial (as soon as possible), till then you can read brief solutions of Geothermal here:

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