Invitation to Codemas Placement Contest

Hey friends!

Inviting everyone to participate in Codemas Placement Contest on our coding platform Codemas to be held on 9th January, 7 PM to 9 PM.

There are some practice problems also available.

What is this Contest about?
If you have passed Class 12 and are aged between 18-28, you now have the opportunity to become a Software Developer at one of our Hiring Partner Companies with a minimum salary of Rs. 8LPA or above! Just participate in CodeMas Placement Contest on Jan 9, 7 pm-9 pm, and the top performer will get an opportunity to interview with the Hiring Partners of Masai School. And the best part, No financial commitments!

Even if you’re not eligible for placement opportunities, I encourage you to participate if you’re a problem solver and hone your skills :smiley:

Please feel free to reach out to for any queries or help.