Invitation to Coder 2015 (BITS-Pilani)

I would like to invite you all to Coder 2015 jointly organized by Computer Science Association and Information Systems Association, BITS-Pilani, as a pre-Apogee event.

The contest will be held on HackerRank for 24 hours from 24th March 8pm to 25th March 8pm (IST)

It will be team contest with a maximum team size of 3.

Cash prizes worth INR 10,000 along with other HackerRank goodies are up for grabs.

The problems have been set and tested by akulsareen, pranet, venk13, anuj and flashfire. We do hope that you will enjoy the problem set.

Please visit the facebook page for updates.


With more than 14 hours to go,savinov from Moscow IPT has already finished our problemset! We just got schooled.

From India, mode_warrior is currently leading with 12 problems solved, with believe_iiith1 and lazy_propagation not far behind.

The leader board is currently as follows :



Really excited about the event (Y)

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