Invitation to Coderatri — October 26, Tuesday

Hello everyone,
We invite you to participate in Coderatri this Tuesday, 26 October. Organized by CodeChef RTU Chapter.

Time: 9 PM — 12 AM IST.

The problemset has been prepared by prateeksha_12, amit4yadav, salgotra_atish and me.

Participants will have 3 hours to solve 7 problems. The scoring will be ICPC style. The contest will be unrated. Make sure to give your best 'cause winners will be awarded by exciting goodies, exclusively from Newton School. Also, all participants will be receiving a participation certificate.

Registrations for prizes: register

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you on the leaderboard.


Wow…Great RTU Guys

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Thanks, senior^_^

at least there will be no cheaters here !!

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Hope so! :slight_smile:

What are the prizes? Exactly what rank is required to claim it?


Prizes! (for everyone)

Global 1st - Not announced yet

RTU(overall 1st) - Not announced yet

RTU 1st year - Not announced yet

That’s what I’m saying …I hope they announce the prizes :slight_smile:

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please registrations for prizes: register

Till now I don’t have any idea what newton school sends prizes for winners!

And the round will be designed for div 3 candidates, so the problems might be slightly easier than average.

see you on the leaderboard.:blush:

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I am not able to register for the contest !

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Try again, Now works fine👍

How to solve G.