Invitation to CodeRed — 2020 by IIIT Allahabad

Hello everyone !!

After 3 successful editions, Aparoksha is back with flagship coding event — CodeRed .

CodeRed 2020 consists of 2 rounds, Online preliminary round and Onsite final round . The online preliminary round will be a 3-hour long team event with a maximum size of the team being 3 members. The participants need not be from the same college/institution/organization. Problem set has 6/7 problems of varying difficulty. CodeRed 2020 is scheduled at March 11, 2020 at 22:00 IST

Last year CodeRed 2019 had 1271 teams registered, we are expecting higher participation this year. You can register your team here — CodeRed 2020 online preliminary round.

CodeRed, Alkhwarizm (Rated for all CodeChef contest) and Humblefool cup (Which happened a few days ago on Topcoder) are all among flagship coding events of Aparoksha — Techincal fest of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad.

The total prize money is worth INR 125,000 . Also, top 3 teams in the online preliminary round will get INR 3000, 2500 and 1500 respectively. The best 40 Indian teams will make it to the onsite round (To be held in IIIT Allahabad). All teams making it to the onsite round will get Aparoksha T-shirts.

Please fill out this Registration form to avail prizes — Register here


please make short, sweet and clear problem statements with a balanced contest this time.

last year also it was a good contest a balanced one.

Hope this is as exciting as last year’s.

Will there be an editorial after the contest?


editorial for CORE20004 Bhindi Master and Graph.