Invitation to CodeSenso

Hello CodeChef,

Geekhaven, technical society of IIIT Allahabad is back with its annual contest. We are glad to invite you to participate in CodeSenso which will be hosted on CodeChef and will start on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 20:00 PM IST. It will be rated for the users of Div-2 and Div-3 but open for all participants.

There will be 7 problems of varying difficulties in each division and 3 hours to solve them.

Contest link: CodeSenso

There will be prizes worth INR 27k. To be eligible for prizes register here before 3rd November 11:30 PM IST.


  • Top 3 performers globally (from the combined ranklist) will get a cash prize of INR 5000, 3000, 2000 respectively.

  • Top Indian performer (apart from top 3 global) will get a cash prize of INR 2500.

  • Top performer from IIIT Allahabad (apart from the above performers) will get a cash prize of INR 2500.

  • 10 GeeksForGeeks coupons worth INR 1200 each will be distributed randomly to 10 participants from the combined ranklist

The problems have been authored and prepared by Sumit Kumar Sahu @phantom654 , Abhinav @abhinav2302, Raghav Agarwal- rag_hav13, Ansh Gupta - anshg0711, Dhananjay Raghuwanshi -dhananjay_777 and myself.

I would like to thank @nishant403 for his valuable suggestions and improving the problems and @mtnshh for helping with the test cases.

Editorials will be posted on the same thread after the contest.

Hoping to see you on the leaderboard in huge numbers.


Great! The scoring will be in CookOff style I presume? And any common problems between divisions?