Invitation to CODESPRINT2.0

JECRC Codechef Chapter is organizing a coding competition (Unrated) (CodeSprint 2.0)

Register here:

Contest link:

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Date and time :

26 th Jan 2021
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

For any query:
gmail :



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Please make others submissions visible.

Ok, now check it

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I am unable to make submissions now , ( was trying to upsolve them).

Can you please give a test-case for which my code fails?
@tamo11 you seem to have used a similar approach, it’d be great if you could check once if it’s something very obvious that I’m missing.

is ur code working for multiple test cases?

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Hold on, was it a multi test problem ? My code passed the samples though

Ah… my bad, I didn’t checked the input given and just relied on the samples, sorry for wasting your time.

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If that is the case then probably the test-cases were weak as THIS solution also got an AC, it’s O(TN*max(A_i)). Secondly please make sure that samples match the input format given next time.

Sorry it is not possible because this contest was internal college contest so this question will not move in practice section that’s why it is not possible to submit after contest

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Oh sorry man , we forgot to put T = 1.

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I think now u can submit