Invitation to CODEx 2019 [Offline Interschool coding contest]

I am hereby glad to announce CODEx Interschool coding symposium on 22nd October.
This event is being hosted at Birla Vidya Niketan School, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi - 110017.

The event will include a workshop followed by a competitive programming competition testing the participants on mathematical, algorithmic and logical skills. The languages available are C++ and Python. It will be a 2 hour long offline contest, wherein the participants will be judged on the basis of time and number of test cases passed. This competition is sure to test and bring out the best in you.
For registration and more details please visit our website link

Just to make sure and avoid confusion I would like to make it clear that this contest is only for school students who are enrolled in a school. Individual participation is allowed, however limited to maximum 1 team per school. It is open for every school in Delhi. Be sure to register at the earliest. The last date of registration is 21st October 18:00 IST

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Can you share the questions after the competition’s completion?

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Sure, I will put the questions

Could you please tell what will be the format of the questions? I mean whether it will be codechef style or the kind we have in school exams?

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Also could you confirm whether you’ll be having a new c++ compiler like g++? I went to a school and all they had was Turbo C++. It was a painful experience. :slight_smile:

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The format of the questions will be like those you do on codechef. The questions will be interesting and challenging for sure.

You’ll be provided with codeblocks and g++ compiler as far as c++ is concerned. For python IDLE and sublime text will be provided

The last 3 hours left before registration ends. Be sure to register at the earliest at link

The code will be compiled offline or online?

It will be compiled offline

The deadlines have been postponed by an hour. The registrations will now close at 19:00 IST, 45 minutes from now