Invitation to CODUO 2022

We are back again with another edition of IIIT Lucknow’s much awaited and exhilarating annual team coding event CODUO. Similar to the last edition, the event will be held on Codechef on the 28th of April from 9PM IST.
But unlike the last edition, this time CODUO will be a single round event spanning 3 hours (Individual participation or Team of 2 members), and the problem set will contain 8-9 problems of varying difficulty.

Contest Link: Contest Page | CodeChef

This contest is a part of our annual technical fest — Equinox`22, IIIT Lucknow.

Last year’s CODUO contest was accompanied by a prodigious participation of over 900 teams and this edition will hopefully witness even more participation than before

The Winners of CODUO will be awarded a total prize money of INR 15,000

We hope the problem-set will contain interesting problems for participants of all levels and that you’ll enjoy the contest just as much as we did preparing it!!

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