Invitation to Consize - Shortest Code Challenge!

Hello Codechef Community!

Greetings from DJ Codestars, the official Coding committee of DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering.

We are back with a very unique and interesting coding contest: CONSIZE, a 2-hour long Code Golf contest!! Here, participants will be given 2 hours to solve 6 problem statements, with increasing difficulty.

The twist here is that, the score you get is inversely proportional to the length of your code!

To make things even more interesting, the problem statements will be themed around your favorite Netflix shows. Stand a chance to win super exciting prizes, goodies and subscriptions!

Date : Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 5:00pm IST
Duration : 2 Hours
Registration Link: C++ Java Python
Fill in the form to be eligible for prizes and receive all future announcements/updates.


  1. The duration of the contest is 2 hours and there will be 6 problems for you to solve in increasing order of difficulty.
  2. The supported languages are :-
    a. Python
    b. Java
    c. C++
  3. There will be a separate contest for each language. You can take part in multiple contests, but in that case you won’t be eligible to receive prizes for any of them.
  4. Make sure you’ve registered before taking part in the contest or else your score will not be considered on the leaderboard
  5. The scoring system revolves around the length of your code. The shorter the code the more points you get as long as your code passes all the required test cases. Tabs, newlines and spaces don’t contribute to character count.
  6. You can submit solutions as many times as you’d like, there are no penalties for incorrect submissions. Only your best correct submission will be considered.
  7. The final decision for judgment will be taken by the committee members. No arguments will be entertained. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If we suspect anyone of doing so they will be immediately eliminated from the contest.
  8. Only Indian Participants are eligible for prizes.

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we had making these problems! Good luck.
Happy Coding :partying_face:


Now, this is something unique!


Very Exciting

Can we change languages or do we have to stick to one throughout?

You can participate with multiple languages, but then you won’t be considered for prizes. For prizes, contestants will have to submit only in 1 contest link

Excited to take part in this event!!

Are ties broken by number of problems solved or time taken ?? .

very excited for the experience!!