Invitation to CQM 8.2

Hello CodeChef Community,

ACM Student Chapter - BITP would like to invite you all to the CQM 8.2 , which is BIT-Mesra (Patna Campus) quarterly coding event based on data structures and algorithms.

The aim of CQM is to develop coding culture among sophomores and freshers on our campus. We have tried to make a balanced problemset suitable for all ranks of coders. The difficulty of the contest should be similar to a Division 3 Round, but regardless of that, expect to see some interesting and challenging problems.

Contest Details

  • Link to the contest
  • The contest will start on Saturday 15 May at 7:30 PM IST
  • The duration is of 2 hours.
  • The contest will follow a IOI style ranklist with subtasks for each problem.
  • There will be 4 problems of varying difficulty.
  • Top participants will be rewarded CodeChef Laddus

The preparation and testing of the contest was done by @s59_60r @ritul_14 @bruce08

I would like to thank Codechef for providing their amazing platform and support.

For any queries:-

We will be posting editorials after the contest.

Good luck to everyone, see you all on the leaderboard!


Is It Rated Or Not?



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Won’t it make more sense to have an IOI-style ranklist ?(Unless you’re willing to give laddus to multiple winners of course )


yes sorry ! its corrected now :slight_smile:

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Gentle Reminder : contest starts in 2 mins

is it rated

tell me fast is it rated bro