Invitation to D'Code 2023 from Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

Guess what? The next edition of D’Code by IIT Gandhinagar is here!

We have 6 algorithmic problems prepared for you to put your mind to test your problem solving skills.
The contest starts today at 9 PM IST and has a duration of 2 hours. Link of the contest: Contest Page | CodeChef

Need an incentive? We’ve got you covered. There are exciting prizes worth ₹26,000 for the top performers!
NOTE: You need to register here, to be eligible for prizes.

Setters/Testers: mshandilya, crap_the_coder, therealnishuz, Karan-Gandhi, dewansh461.

Good luck for the contest and we hope you all have fun! :smiley:

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