Invitation to Decathlon 2023 [Editorial Update]


Hello CodeChef Community!

Are you madly and obsessively in love with coding? Are you the kind of person who is always excited to learn new algorithm? Are you sleepless at night just thinking about the solution to your data structure?
Then get ready with your laptop and put your problem-solving skills to test as this Aarohan 2023, Team Aavishkar brings you Decathlon — a competitive programming contest, open to everyone around the globe.

The contest will start on March 12 2023 at 3:00 PM IST. Contest duration is 2 hours and you will have 6 problems to solve.

So programmers, gear up and place yourself in the shoes of Rico from Starwars Troopers, who joins the military to fight against the alien bugs!

We are also giving away certificates and goodies for top performers of our contest.

Regarding any queries, please contact :

Akshay : +91 8609816292
Arya : +91 9123045078

Team Aavishkar wholeheartedly invites you to take part in Decathlon!

UPD: The problems have been moved to the practice section and editorials are out! Have a look at them at:

A. Extra Credit

B. Queen Highest Score

C. Goodness of Team

D. Valid Troop Patterns

E. Minimize Tree Path Sum

F. Extended Tree Path

Happy Coding :))