Invitation to Dementia 2019 Contest (Rated for Div2)

Hola amigos!

Programming Club, Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi is organizing Dementia 2019 as part of our cultural-cum-technical fest Exodia. The contest will take place on 26th April 2019 at 22:15 IST (16:45 UTC).

The contest features 7 problems of varying difficulty and you’ll get 3 hours for solving them. The problem setters and testers for the contest are Sagar Gupta, Hitesh Ramchandani, Avinav Sanyal, Sujetth Ranganath, Abhigyan Khaund and Vishal Anand. The contest is rated for Division II on codechef (below 1800 rating). However, Division I can participate out of competition.

There are prizes worth Rs 10K for the overall top 3 participants (from both divisions combined ranklist).

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners

Rank Competitor Problems Solved
1 Ashish Gupta 7
2 Abhishek Sajwan 5
3 Vivek Chauhan 5

Also, here’s the final ranklist (div1 + div2 combined): Final ranklist

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Do you promise editorials on time?


Will there be a live combined ranklist?


From my experience on Codechef for external rated for div2 contests, live ranklist will only feature Div-2 users. An unified ranklist will be created after the contest ends and the prizes will be given away accordingly.
But one can always estimate ones ranks based on submissions.

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We’ll try to publish it as soon as possible from our side :slight_smile:


Great contest!!!


Thank you so much and thanks for giving the contest :grinning: