Invitation To Educational Maths Contest

Hi everyone,

I would like to invite you to participate in Educational Maths Contest Hosted by Knuth Programming Hub JIIT Noida-62.
The contest will start at 09:15 PM IST on 23-12-2019 at Hackerrank.
The problems are prepared by ShivamGupta shiv1470 and tested by me. I hope you’ll find the problemset to be interesting.

You will be given 5 mathematical coding problems to solve in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Partial scoring will be used (you get points for passing each test case).
There are No prizes, other than joy of problem solving. :slight_smile:

Contest Link:
Good luck & high ratings!


Is it rated ?

Probably not! Hackerrank is dead now

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I really wanted to participate in hackerrank, but i guess I’m a year late😛

No it is not rated.

Starts in 417days LOL

It’s an old post, by sure the original link was modified