Invitation to ENIGMA - PLINTH'20 LNMIIT (Rated for all) on Codechef, 9th January 2020

Hello CodeChef community,

Tired of searching for the perfect teammates in every competition? Want to prove your worth as a solo coder? Looking for the perfect platform to display your skills?

This solo coding competition is designed for the masterminds who think they perform best alone.

Interested? Wanna find out more about it? No Problem!
Plinth’20 has a rated contest on CodeChef waiting just for you!

The contest shall be a great opportunity for students to test their programming aptitude. This national-level programming contest shall assess the intelligence of participants through various rounds. It is an Online Qualifier Round for the Onsite Round to be held during Plinth’20.

There will be 2 rounds to decide the winner:

  1. First Round: Online Qualifier for onsite will be held on 9th January 2020 on Codechef which is a rated round(Div1+Div2).

  2. Second Round: Onsite round will be held at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur on 18th January 2020. Top 100 individuals(subject to filling of seats) will be called for the onsite round.

The Contest details of Enigma’20 are as follows:

  • Contest duration will be 3 hours.
  • Solo Coding Event
  • Start time: 9th January 2020, 21:30 hrs IST
  • End time: 10th January 2020, 00:30 hrs IST

Contest Link: Click Here

To be eligible for selection in online round please fill this form


For Online Qualifier:

For Indian participants:

Top 10 from ranklist will receive 300 laddus.

Additionally, they get bonus laddus (Bonus = n — contest rank) where ‘n’ is 11 for short contests.

For Global Participants:

Top 10 from ranklist will receive 300 laddus.

Additionally, they get bonus (Bonus = n — contest rank) where ‘n’ is 11 for short contests.

For Combined Participants:

Random Laddus to any 5 users: 200 laddus.

First to solve each problem individually: 100 laddus.

Country wise participation: Top 10, 20 and 30 will get 30, 40 and 50 laddus as per participation.

Country wise performance: 200, 250,300 laddus as per performance.

For Onsite Round,Prizes worth 50,000 INR up for grabs.

Good luck and have fun!

Editorials have been added, please find the link of editorials to all the question in this google document. Sorry for the delay


What will be the number of problems?

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Top 10 will get 30 laddus and top 30 will get 50 laddus ? Just Wow Man. Means the better your rank, the lesser the laddus ? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Top 10 will get 30+40+50 laddus

How rating will be calculated?

Case 1:

First PLIT2020 then long challenge

Case 2:

First long challenge then PLIT2020




no, refer this. Infact this scheme is not for indian participants.

From what I know(because of the previous edition), first long challenge’s rating will be calculated and then PLIT2020 rating will be calculated.

Excited for this ! Hope to remain 3* at least in this contest

@panik will there be penalty for wrong submission?

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Link : Contest Page | CodeChef
Yes there is penalty


The ratings are usually calculated based on increasing order of starting times of the contests. So the Long contest rating will be calculated before PLIT2019.

Though, I’m very curious to know how exactly this order affects anything practically. Do people have that clear an intuitive understanding of the rating system that they can figure out the difference between these two cases?! Because quite frankly, we don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Suppose one participates in div2 long and is supposed to gain +100, but he participates in PLIT2019 before and his rating changes before long challenge ends and he comes to div1. In div1, the problems are tougher and it’s not that easy to get +100 in long. But based on div2 long, he may get a big jump in rating, even though he is already in div1. Hence calculating long ratings first may avoid this problem.

Hence the two cases are different (I guess?).

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The division in which a user belongs to, in a particular contest, is based on the rating that the user had at the start of the contest. Any change in rating which happens in-between the contest doesn’t change the division of the user, for that contest.


So for rating calculation of both contest my current rating will be considered?

`8 problems

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REMINDER: The contest begins In 30 Minutes. Do participate.


Plot Twist : You get a WA :sleepy:


The contest ended like 20 minutes before. Still my submissions are running :stuck_out_tongue: /s


Is it still running?

No LOL, That’s just to tell how frustruated it was when codechef servers are very slow.

BTW, contest was very very good. Thanks :slight_smile: