Invitation to Exun 2021-22 (Rated for Div.2 & Div.3)

Hello, CodeChef!

We would like to invite you all to participate in the Exun 2021-22 Competitive Programming contest this Wednesday, 12th January 2022 from 8 PM to 11 PM IST.

The contest is rated for both division 2 and 3. Participants of division 1 are also encouraged to participate unofficially to get a chance for prizes. The contest, authored by me and halemon123, will feature 7 problems in all divisions.

I would like to thank:

Participants have to be registered here to be eligible for the following:

  • From the Division 1 & 2 combined rank list:
    • Top 3 school students will receive cash & sponsor prizes.
    • Top 25 school students will be awarded certificates.
    • Top 8 Indian school students will qualify for Lockout.
    • Top 16 Indian school students will qualify for Challenge Programming.
  • Top 25 school students from the Division 3 rank list will be awarded certificates.

The event is a part of our annual tech symposium Exun 2021-22. If you’re interested in participating in other technical events, such as Machine Learning and Hackathons, please check out our invite!

We hope you enjoy solving the problems, good luck!


looking forward to more of such orz contests :peepoyay:

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@vishesh_s orz



The editorials are now available here.