Invitation to Indian Computing Olympiad Preparatory Contest 3

Hello community,

I am pleased to invite you all to the ICO preparatory Series Contest #3.

The Aim of this contest is to introduce Competitive Programming at School student level as well as training for IOI aspirants. We hope to keep the problems sufficient to keep everyone engaged for three hours. There will be subtask scoring as managing time is essential to clearing the Zonal Computing Olympiad. The problems will mostly be ZCO-oriented, with 1 harder problem for other members of the community to relish.

For those who aren’t aware, ZCO usually has problems around these topics (There is no official syllabus):

Greedy, Searching Sorting, Adhoc, Grid, DP

The contest will thus also be great for ACM ICPC aspirants. The harder problem will not be in the scope of the usual ZCO syllabus.

The contest panel includes

Problem Setters & Testers: Shashwat Goel, Adhyyan Sekhsaria and Jagjeet Das Gupta

Editorials will be realized shortly after the contest!

The round is unrated for both divisions, so, join the fun without the stress of rating and feel free to attack any problem.

Access this Contest here.
Contest Date: 17th November, 2018, 7:00PM IST (19:00 IST)
Contest Duration: 3 hours

Hoping to see you all :slight_smile:



Update: There are 250 laddus for the top 3 Indian School Students.


The duration conflicts with UEM Code Storm. Can it be resolved?

I think it cannot be :frowning: Theres no other feasible time and we want the contest before Sunday.


Sad to see that because of the time conflict so many people (including me) missed out on this in favour of a junk contest.


@meooow true. This contest was very good.

when will it be given?