Invitation to Insomnia 2019 Qualifier

Hello Codechef!

Tonight gear up to get Insomniac!

Computer Club, MNNIT Allahabad, India is glad to invite you to the annual programming competition of MNNIT, ɪɴᴤᴏᴍɴɪᴀ, which is an ACM-ICPC style team programming contest of 3 hours duration held on CodeChef during its annual technical fest Avishkar. The team can consist up to 3 members.

Contest Details:

For the online round, top few global and top few MNNIT teams will get Codechef laddus. For the onsite round, prizes worth 31000 INR to be won. Top Indian teams from the online round will be called for the onsite round to be held at MNNIT Allahabad.


Problem setting panel includes Chinmay Pani, Aayush Chauhan, Shakti Mani Tripathi, Ayush Gupta, Vijay Krishnan Pandey, Sree Ram Khandelwal and Om Shubham.

Past year’s problemset: 2018

We have an exciting problemset awaiting for you. Good luck and have fun!


Top few Global & MNNIT teams will get Codechef Laddus or Goodies or both? At some places, it’s written goodies, while at some it’s written laddus

Top few Global & MNNIT teams will get Codechef Laddus. They can redeem Codechef goodies using those laddus.

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Can we make team from different college…

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We encourage you to make teams from different colleges if you only wish to participate in the online round and win codechef laddus. But if you wish to come to the onsite round, then your team must be from the same college (ICPC rules).


Bump! Contest begins in 15 mins.

Nice Question…

are questions available after contest coz i had no team :frowning:

I m not able to see the images in question ,HELP.

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How to solve Triangles problem:)


Can someone share problems like -


Will there be editorials to the problems?