Invitation to Kaizen, an approximation coding contest

We the Programming Club at IIIT Hyderabad (along with Entrepreneurship Cell IIIT-H) are proud to present to you an approximation-style coding contest Kaizen!

Date and Time: October 28, Wednesday 21:00-23:00 IST

Get ready with your team (of upto 2) for prizes upto 15K INR! There’s prizes for random top 50 and random top 100 as well! All prizes are global, so we would recommend non-Indian users to register as well!

The contest is aimed at beginners as well as advanced participants. I can guarantee that even masters and above will find it challenging!

The tests are designed in a way that there exist multiple approaches, which you can try and achieve high scores. Detailed editorials will be released after the contest, so even if you don’t make it to the top, you’ll learn new techniques from the contest.

I would like to thank sigma_g , animesh1309, arpan_dg, nikhil_chandak,harrycoda, yoogottamk and myself for contributing to the problem statement. And special thanks to tanuj208, dk502, akshat_goyal, manish_1729, kunalserum123 and abhishek8899 for testing the initial draft of the problemset and providing a lot of helpful feedback on it.

We hope you have fun!


Reminder: contest starts in 15 minutes !


The contest is over! We hope you enjoyed optimizing for the different test cases. We’d love to know what all approaches you tried. Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to read the detailed editorial which we’ve already posted: click here

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Prizes for CodeChef Kaizen :partying_face:

First Prize

Team maksim1744team from Higher School of Economics

Second Prize

Team sarma from University of Zagreb, Croatia

Third Prize

Team markyshateam from Vitebsk Gymnasium No. 8 Viciebsk, Vitebsk Region, Belarus

3 Random prizes from Top50

Rank 14 - Team Guddu Gang from IIITH
Rank 27 - Team ankushkhanna from Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi
Rank 41 - Team Code_Poltergeists from Vellore Institute Of Technology

2 Random prizes from Top100

Rank 53 - Team therandomteam from Maheshwari Vidyapeeth
Rank 81 - Team endeavour1234 from IIT-BHU

First Position among First Year IIIT Hyderabad Students

Rank 35 - Team int_elligence

Congratulations to all the winners :partying_face: :partying_face:.

Mails regarding prize distribution have been sent to respective team leaders as filled in the form. In case you have not receieved email please contact me at