Invitation to Monsoon Math Camp 2021

Greetings fellow coders!

It’s back! Much like last year, a bunch of undergraduate and graduate students from MIT, Oxford, IISc etc. are running Monsoon Math Camp online, so I thought some of you may be interested in this. The idea is to introduce bright high-schoolers to advanced mathematical ideas through a series of interactive classes, and build a year-round community for the love of mathematics. Best part, participation is completely free of cost!

Going by their website, the courses are not finalized yet. Last year, they covered some really cool topics like Algorithmic Game Theory; Markov Chains and Random Walks; Extremal Graph Theory; Category Theory; Curvature in Geometry, Topology, and Combinatorics; Analytic Number Theory. If these sound scary and unfamiliar, that’s probably a good thing; it means you’ll get something new out of this camp! There are also plans for some applied math courses this year, along with CS flavoured ones like quantum computation, cryptography or complexity theory.

The camp had some wonderful instructors last year, including Ashwin Sah (IMO Gold, MIT), Meghal Gupta (EGMO Gold, MIT) and Sidhanth Mohanty (Berkeley CS PhD).

Head over to http://www.monsoonmath.orgfor more information and for applying. Last date for applying is June 20, 11:59 pm (Indian Standard Time). A few friends of mine are involved in conducting this, and I assure you this is probably among the most fun things you can do in the next few weeks from home and for free.

Quick facts (copy-pasted from the website):

What? A camp introducing students to higher mathematics
Who? Students not yet in university
When? July 3-4, 10-11, 17-18
Where? Online (events during Indian Standard Time daytime and evening)
How? Submit the online application by June 20, 2021. Attendance is free of cost. You need to have an internet connection good enough for video/audio chat.

Do give it a shot, and spread the word!


Thank you for sharing this news I was looking for such a camp…

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