Invitation to Monthly IIT Kanpur, Monthly Programming Contest 2, 2015 on Wednesday

Dear fellow programmers, you all are hereby invited to attend Monthly Programming contest 2 organised by Programming Club IIT Kanpur. Contest will be organised on codechef (link of contest). It is an individual contest. It will run from 7 PM to 12 AM on Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015.
You can check time of the event in your own zone here

For participating in this contest, you just need have to codechef username. No prior registration is required. You can also join our facebook invitation of the contest here.

Top 8 winners external (participants not of IIT Kanpur) and top 7 IIT Kanpur students are eligible for winning codechef T Shirts :slight_smile:

You can solve the problems of previous contest here.

Expecting a grand participation!

Hope you will enjoy the problems !

Best of Luck and Happy Coding !

UPDATE Contest will start in 5 minutes. Best of luck to you all :slight_smile:

Triveni Mahatha and Abhilash Kumar
Programming club IIT Kanpur


when will the editorials be published?


What is wrong in my solution about factorization problem, I couldn’t find my mistake, somebody? :s

this line has overflow issues.
long long c = n + 1 - phi, r = getSqrt(c * c - 4 * n);

c * c can exceed long long.

yes I got it :/, how to solve that inconvenient without to use bignumbers, any idea?