Invitation to Overnite Coding

Greetings Codechef Community,

ACM Student Chapter, BIT Mesra invites you to participate in Overnite Coding, a 3-hour long individual coding contest that consists of 6 problems.

The contest will be held on Codechef platform on 8th February 2020 at 10:00 PM IST.

Prizes: Global Top 3 get Codechef Laddus

Contest Link

Problem Setters : dvyn01, kevinmathew, mynk322, akash13s, saurabh975 and puneetrai04


Repost. (I made a comment but nobody replied.)
Your test cases have some white spaces at the end. Hence my python soln was judged as WA. The same soln in C++ gives AC.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we could only guarantee a C++and Java solution and all the problems were only tested in those two languages.

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Testing in two different languages was more than enough for an external college contest. Anyways I was far away from winning else I would have asked for correcting test cases to reduce time penalty :laughing::laughing:


Format of the test files should be correct even though you can’t guarantee AC in other languages.
You can test format using c++ as well btw.
Though it’s better for me if you don’t because I use c++ :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice contest though.