Invitation to participate in Coding Contest Hosted By Robotics Club , MMMUT

cladding the code
Contest Link

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It is clashing with Codeforces round. Can you please reschedule?

It was decided early when the codeforces round was not announced. Now , it cannot be rescheduled.
PS:- Codeforces round ends at 8:30pm and the contest starts at 8:00 pm , I hope you can manage.


I was under the impression that the codeforces round would start from 8:05 , but it has an unsuual starting time, giving sufficient time for this contest.

The timings of the contest are changed because of a coding round on Codeforces. It will start from 8:30 pm on 3rd of July.
Details are below.

Can u make the problems asked today available in practice section so that I can practice it to find out where my debugging was not working. By the way questions were very nice on first look seemed simple but was hell debugging them.