Invitation to ProCon 2018


We at IIIT-Delhi would like to invite you to ProCon 2018, the annual programming contest conducted as a part of our technical festival — Esya. It will start at 21:00 IST on 16th August, 2018. There will be 6 problems of varying difficulty to be solved within a duration of 2 hours, with ACM-ICPC style scoring. The contest will be rated for everyone (Division 1 and Division 2). Top participants will be rewarded CodeChef Laddus. Moreover, there will be Cash Prizes for the Top 3 Indian contestants.

Happy Coding!

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Solution 1 :-
Solution 2 :-

Hey can u tell me why the solution 1 is not working while the solution 2 is giving the correct answer . The only difference between them is in first solution i have used the setprecision and in the second one i have used printf()

I am neither able to open anyone’s submission from contest… why not ?

This contest is very comfortable, thank you very much for preparing the contest. WoW

Can anyone pls provide the editorial of ALGEBRA SCORE

srry i forgot to add the question link
Question link :-

You didn’t use fixed with cout.

Is there any difference on relative error if fixed is used?

Yes, there might be a difference. This is because setprecision defines the total number of digits to be printed when used without fixed (default format) rather than the number of digits after the decimal point.

The practice pages: The Great Run Kill them with your success Awkward Pairs Algebra Score Good Speech The Illusionist

yeah i tried to edit my answer… but its not working…
edit: I am not able to open anyone’s submission from contest… why not ?

thanks for links though…