Invitation to RECode 12.0 (Rated for All)

Greeting Codechef Community

RECursion, the coding community of NIT Durgapur, is glad to invite you to RECode 12.0 which will be held on 27 April at 21:00 IST. The contest will be rated for both divisions.

The problems are prepared by me rishup_nitdgp. There will be 7 problems for both the divisions and 2.5 hours to solve them.

Thanks to Sachin Yadav, Taranpreet Singh and Jatin Yadav for testing the problems and their valuable suggestions to enhance the test cases. We also present our special thanks to the CodeChef Community to help us to prepare the contest and for the astonishing platform.


  • For Indian participants:

    • Top 10 from the rank list will receive 300 laddus.
  • For Global participants:

    • Top 10 from the rank list will receive 300 laddus.
  • For combined participants:

    • Random Laddus to any 5 users: 200 laddus.
    • First to solve each problem individually: 100 laddus.
    • Country-wise participation: Top 10, 20, and 30 will get 30, 40, and 50 laddus as per participation.
    • Country-wise performance: 200, 250, 300 laddus as per performance.

So buckle up to increase your ratings and raise on the Leaderboard. Amidst this chaos when everything is under lockdown, let us not waste this time, rather keep the spirit of coding within us alive.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Keep Coding.


We ll be taking part for sure as your problems are really interesting to solve.


I am excited for it ,it’s been a while having combined combination like this .

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If a person didn’t participate in this contest, will the streak be considered as broken? @admin

If a user participates (ie. solves at least 1 problem; and even partial solutions are counted) in each of CodeChef’s monthly contests (Long Challenge, CookOff, Lunchtime) in any 12 month period, then they will get 1000 Laddus .
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RECode isn’t one of the monthly contests, so even if it is rated, it will not be considered for this streak.

Since this is rated for both divisions, will there be 7 problems for each division, or are all of the problems going to be common?

I guess they are going to be common and a single ranklist will be prepared and people of one div will be compared to other for ratings.

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@anon35053049 there will only one contest page with all the problems as mentioned by @akshitm16



The contest starts in 10 minutes.


Yes, it is correct.

when will the ratings be updated?

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where can i find the editorial of this contest?

We will upload them soon. You can find them in discuss form.

Tbh Problems were standard. Thats the only feedback from my side.


Yeah but it only helped u to become red:)