Inviting to CodeChef Advanced DSA Workshop - 7-11 September

Hi all,

Dive deeper into DSA concepts through our Advanced Programming Workshop at IIT Gandhinagar. This will be an ideal platform for those who want to level up their skills and crack coding interviews. The students will be mentored and taught by the leading expert in the subject.

Workshop begins on the 7th of September. So hurry up and apply at the earliest to be able to make it to the workshop.

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What are the timings ? @admin
I really want to join but my college gets in the way


Just a question will these topics be taught from basics?

  • Graph algorithms - From the introduction of graphs, till network flows
  • Segment Trees
  • Square-root decomposition techniques
  • Computational geometry - Till convex hulls

Like i really don’t have knowledge regarding graph theory :confused:
So i just need to make sure i just don’t stare at faces if i attend lectures.

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I would suggest you to study introduction of graphs…

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The eligibility criteria is rating>=1600 :frowning:


50 hours of lecture + problem solving in 5 days with all those advanced topics… Seems difficult.