IOI style in long contest

Can some one or @admin please say : what’s the reason for keeping IOI style in long contests ??

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True, I like the old way…!!

I feel it does not make sense to count a problem in which one scored only 10 or 20 or max 25 points…!!

We feel that yes we solved a problem but it restricts your thinking, i feel, because one can score (in most problems) partial points just using brute-force…!!

So even i would like to request @admin to please hold contest the old way…!!


well, i like both the ways. There are pros and cons for both the ways.

lets start the old way.


  1. best and optimize algo will only pass.

  2. scoring will be at its best. not uneven like in new way case.

  3. as you said, you thinking will not get restrict.

  4. test your debugging skills at its best


  1. demotivate coders to even try a hard problem.

  2. generally people(coders) think that hard problem is not in their domain for now, they don’t even read the problem.

  3. bruteforce is useless :stuck_out_tongue:

New way (present IOI style) .


  1. more participation

  2. even hard problems will get a hit, atleast coder will give a read and try to make a brute.

  3. motivate them even if they score something. i’ll say it wont make a difference for good coders, but for beginners it makes a huge difference.

  4. people will atleast read editorials of hard problem.


  1. debugging is easy. (its a pro and cons in itself)

  2. less satisfaction ( some have , but i am not in)

  3. underestimating a hard or medium problem.

well these are my views on this, i’ll also wait what admin says.