Is "admin" really controlling?

I read on Codeforces, and also on multiple places that Codechef admin is very controlling and does whatever he/she feels like.

Is this true? and please don’t ban me @admin plzzzz.

Notice that most of the people with extreme opinions are just alts

If they don’t care enough to make it clear who they really are, nobody should listen to them


I feel like volunteering for free for Codechef, cleaning the mess in discuss forum

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Well, the offer in still stands. Tell us the CC username which you think was unfairly banned, and we’ll try to dig up what the situation was and make it public.

Almost all of these cases are too embarrassing / replusive to be made public and we generally don’t like public shaming, but hey, if that’s what you want, who are we to deny you that infamy!


@admin introduce batch of shame ?