Is CodeChef admin down?

Is there a temporary shutdown of codechef administration?

One of the problems I submitted a month ago or so was accepted and I finished making test cases and uploading it on the campus website (couldn’t earlier because of boards). I emailed CodeChef 5-6 over the course of the last week regarding it but have not received any response.

I submitted a problem a few days ago as well and haven’t received any response.

(I’m not writing this to confront CC or anything, I just want to know the status)

I want to ask you a question

Are you currently a school student ?

I’m referring to my 12th boards so not anymore I guess?
I’ll change my status on CC once I begin college

Great!! You started your cc journey very soon.
I also liked your codechef id aggu_69 :crazy_face:

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hahah…nice point
his username is highly sarcastic

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Is CodeChef admin down?

Very poor choice of words.

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Same even I sent a problem some time ago. No response from their side :frowning:

Afaik there is long queue for problems in codechef. ( Especially for normal level questions)
If they have accepted your problem then have patience. They will get back to you soon.

Also there is a lunctime this saturday so maybe they are busy with that.

What’s with all the anxiousness? You just need to do your part by making the statements (I usually leave testcases till after statement verification is over) and then ping the concerned admin ONCE.

Just because your problem was accepted, doesn’t mean they are going to use it in the very next round they’re hosting. Be patient. As and when admin’s clear a part of the long queue and choose to revisit previous problems, they’ll have the problem assigned to a contest.

Also, regarding the question “Is there a temporary shutdown of codechef administration?”


Codechef admin’s hibernate for a period of anywhere between 12 hours to 24 days, after a contest is over :stuck_out_tongue: