Is codechef pro worth it?

I don’t get it why codechef need premium.!

For vedio solutions ?
Are they even worth it.

Anybody who come here want to improve but how by solving questions right.
and if someone not able to solve some questions what he does watch solution right?

But are they really worth it those vedio solution?

I think Vedio solutions provided by the platform are nothing but just a way to improve their English speaking rather than actually providing the solution

anybody who watched solution vedio’s will understand what I am trying say.


So approx 70% users who purchase Pro do so for access to all the content in our Learning courses.

Of the remaining 30% Pro subscribers

  • some users do it for WA test cases
  • some users do it for Video editorials

We have tried to set up Pro so that users find both Free features and Paid features useful.