Is codechef still non-profit ? Footer changed!

When i joined CodeChef the footer of each page in the website had the following line “CodeChef is a non-profit competitive programming community” but after a long time I came back today then I saw that line is changed to “CodeChef is a competitive programming community”. Yes, the word non-profit is missing.

If Unacademy bought CodeChef, which was non-profit, for an undisclosed amount then whom does the money belong to? Remember when they were non-profit they saved a lot of money in taxes.

Also before making the website commercial they didn’t ask our consent to share our data for commercial purposes. Is this ethical ??

Don’t get me wrong I am no expert, I am just curious to know how it works and thoughts of all the users of the website about this

I personally feel betrayed bcoz my personal details were shared to a commercial website by a non-profit website without my consent. I am now receiving emails from codechef with unacademy’s coding course advertisements.

I don’t know the legal part of it but, building a startup as a non-profit and then selling it for millions of dollars doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. (just for fun, i really appreciate the hard work the founders had gone through to make this wonderful community)

I would love to hear your thoughts about it.