Is codeforces working rn?

Is codeforces working rn for u guys?
Yesterdays it was long queues and now this.

Should I wait for sometime or they will cancel the contest?


It’s not working for everyone. Even m1, m2, m3 aren’t

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no , not working Gateway Timeout

no bro not working.

It has broken down I guess. Not working for me :frowning:

for me m1 worked fine but when i clicked on A, it simply said statement not available.

I can see a division 4 coming :joy:


Yep. Same for me.

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Yes for me too .

Ya, m3 worked for while but now it’s down!

now i think like yesterday this contest now unrated.

Were you able to see the problems ?

|A|Three Indices|
|B|Universal Solution|
|C|Create The Teams|
|D|Berserk And Fireball|
|E|Merging Towers|
|F|Strange Addition|
|G|Circular Dungeon|

I like that emoji :0

No the contest never happened, statement weren’t made available, maybe its postponed.

only problems is there with no problem statements.

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this is 2nd time i am facing this problem in codeforces .

Ik that but problem statements are not available for any of these questions

are you able to open it

No, I am trying too but it is not working.